talent coordination


We can cover all talent from casting, to contract, to shoot, and wrap.

Our Talent Coordinator, Yvette is available to serve as a liaison between talent management, production, and other areas, answering questions and relaying needs from one to the other.

Handling the numerous details of booking talent, working closely with the talent's agent or manager, relaying final details, answering questions, getting approvals and signatures on contracts and distributes copies to the appropriate in-house personnel.

You can hire Yvette to sort out contracts for the agency, make sure all artiste decs are done…confirm cast, get sizes for wardrobe, arrange fittings, give out call times and answer all queries and questions…she can come on the shoot with you too, a brilliant talent wrangler…..so you can get on with the job you do best..

"Yvette was brilliant again for us this latest McDonald’s job… I now define my career as BY and AY…before and after Yvette…!!!"

Graeme Light, Head of TV, Leo Burnett